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Ten Steps 03:30
1. TEN STEPS You must not fear these steps let me hold your hand one foot in front of the other don’t count - don't look down   10 STEPS surround you let the rhythm guide you step into your power you powerful man let go of what doesn’t serve you let go never doubt   your sweet feet your hands your strength I’m with you every step I could die and not feel a thing   your power your love your heart there is no end   10 STEPS we are the people standing here those worshipping the sun it was us all along 10 steps we could hold hands, no need to look down you’ve got eyes on the souls of your feet you’ve got eyes on the souls of your feet 10 STEPS   I don’t remember the start   BRIDGE   I could die and not feel a thing x2   10 steps 10 steps let go……..   You must not fear these steps Let me hold your hand
2. BURY ONE’S HEAD Departure procedure we are departing Kabul to remain in the traffic pattern we will fly straight ahead engaging auto pilot once stable above 400 ft agm…altitude   Remove himself from it all sat drinking coffee as the world turned black clinging to the moving aircraft desperate crowds   bury one’s head in the long cold night running alongside as the engines whirr   I verify we are taking off from runway 27 Final and the runway is clear Lights, strobes and landing lights on I will now taxi into the runway   trapped in the landing gear nothing further I can do but whistle in the wind   falling falling falling   I need your hand upon my side I need you dancing I need your hand upon my side I need you dancing   I need your hand   clinging to the moving aircraft   bury one’s head   clinging to the moving aircraft
Shizuka 02:21
3. SHIZUKA   The rustle of the leaves feels like a finger raised to sealed lips   the rounded edges of aging nylon strings   A gentle bow of the head The ever growing list of things unsaid   The grey and brown canvas tones of this season’s fashion. The soft whirl of the helicopter fans overhead   A gentle bow of the head The ever growing list of things unsaid A gentle bow of the head
4. THE PERFECT CIRCLE   The perfect circle of the day marches up and around   the calm conductor points their baton and urges us to listen beyond the loud   the overture of time the overture of time   dig beneath the surface I spend time raking up the leaves hear the hum hear the hum   aware of the sound where the magic lives and breathes hear the hum hear the hum   I know it when I see it my pockets bursting with the stars hear the hum hear the hum   the perfect circle of the day gently spinning in my heart hear the hum hear the hum   the overture of time   the perfect circle of the day gently spinning in my heart  
Hammerhead 02:22
5. HAMMERHEAD   I sit here and feel numb I hear him speaking with his friend through his mask they’re in the communal lounge and the soft furnishings dampen the sharp edges of his tone   but it is his voice In real life stripped back and acoustic what a treat to hear I’m his audience of thousands waiting expectantly   Flying away   What will he say next? Flying away   Every breath holds such wonder Every word such wisdom   Hammerhead thick and heavy Weighing in damaging   I battle through days for these moments   Iron ore soldered raw Binding us anchoring us Here for ever more   I know all too well how brief they’ll be   Flying away I won’t let you down I won’t let you slip I’ll be at your side For now forever more   My tongue bitten to shreds I sew what’s left of it together and say…   I’m a good parent
6. HOW TO STRIKE   Down at the bay his tall frame casts a long shadow in the afternoon sun he settles himself and prepares to play   A gentle brush on the ground the leading edge starts to hit rolling his shoulders back he prepares to strike   swing to the back move the triangle square your clubface back and forth over the shoulders keep the width, maintain balance.   How to How to How to How to    Still as the water a simple movement a common, yet vital shot will he pull it off?
7.THE MANY COLOURS OF MORNING   The sharp citrus fragrance of the apartment The soft sheen of polished wooden flooring underfoot sliding and slipping in socks shoes left in a neat line at the door silent door handles gentle clicks not clunks   An orchestra of hums From the air con, the road, the sea   The black of the morning isn't threatening ‘cos I know she’s only playing   I know what she’s hiding I know how how thin her viel is a whispery single piece of silk through the street lamp I can see her lips it won’t be long before this is lifted and I’m embraced by exactly all of this.   The amber nectar of sunrise deep fade from red via orange, even green, then clear blue skies The gentle unassuming morning, never not by your side   I invite the sun to drown me and give dagger eyes to the clouds I’m a baby asking for water snuggle me up under your blouse   grey paste in the air hangs silent Like the dull haze of a hangover sugar should make the cut through everything I miss   a lightning bolt I’m allowed to create yet discipline is the only thing that still bleeds from this place   the precise cube of stone buildings built on top of the marsh sinking slowly back into the ground as I float here on the fifth floor   up to 30 storeys above all these compressed hearts repressed emotions, silent arguments please refrain from unnecessary speech in fact, please don’t speak   The howl of adulthood is too much she said part of you is not living   I slide into you push you to the ground it won’t be long before I’m wasted and complete   let me be bound by you in your freedom did I express or spoil? did I fall or release?   His words gently float from me as she pulls him away I stand tall and strong await my queue the audience patient my worries are meaningless here, in the moment of performance everything makes sense   you are absolutely, complete in a void like being in outer space   there’s no God no past, no future just now and the next millisecond total serenity You are a FREE DIVER So FREE DIVE


New York's celebrated Max ZT (House of Waters), and Tokyo/Black Country’s lauded Dan Whitehouse combine their inventive energy to present their debut album Ten Steps. ZT, the hammered dulcimer player (compared to Hendrix) and the ever-regenerating Whitehouse, use spoken word and virtuoso playing to create impactful pieces with a belief in the healing power of music at its core.

The collection Ten Steps (to be released on vinyl and all digital platforms on September 8th) shows how effectively they have fed off ach other’s unique creativity to deliver stunning recordings plus a live UK tour (in October) promising to deliver captivating, immersive performances.


released September 8, 2023

TEN STEPS Written and Produced by Max ZT (ASCAP) & Dan Whitehouse (PRS / MCPS)

Lyrics by Dan Whitehouse
Mixed by Max ZT
Mastered by Mark Freegard

Dan Whitehouse - Vocals, Guitars, recorded in Yokohama, Japan
Max ZT - Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion, Synthesizers, recorded in New York, USA
Ösp Eldjárn - Background Vocals (Ten Steps)
Gustaf Ljunggren - Synthesizers (Ten Steps)
Taiga Mori-Whitehouse - Background Vocals (Shizuka)
Art & Design – Martin Hyde
Photos - Peter James Millson

dan-whitehouse.com & maxzt.com
P+C Max ZT & Dan Whitehouse 2023
WTK006 Want To Know Records


Ten Steps
Bury One’s Head
The Perfect Circle

How To Strike
The Many Colours Of Morning


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Dan Whitehouse Birmingham

“Subtle and delicate melodies” The Sunday Times

“Nothing short of beautiful – **** ” RnR Magazine

Singer-guitarist Dan Whitehouse renews, reinvents and reimagines - touching listeners with his observations and moving them with his sensitivity and impeccable songwriting.
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